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Ultra Premium

Not just about weed, we're about people.

The stoners, cannabis activists, transporters and those who lost their freedom from selling cannabis are the ones who kept all varieties of cannabis alive. Ultra Premium is an ode many things, but especially to the NYC phrase ("that sh*t is GAS!") and perhaps most iconic strains of all time...Sour Diesel. Ultra Premium is a brand that highlights the contributions BIPOC from the Afro/Indigenous diaspora in cannabis with a focus on highlighting Latines and Caribbean. Only 5% of the current cannabis industry is Latino-owned, 2% Black-owned and 2% Asian-owned, despite our long histories with cannabis and the effect they've had on our communities and perceptions of ourselves. When you support Ultra Premium, you support big dreams that started in NYC, which started with the desire to alter and change the narrative. Fuel the World--with smoke, with love, and knowledge.

We add sazón to the pot.

Sazón is spanish for "seasoning," or "flavor." Ultra Premium brings a different taste to the game, one with mucho sazón. With aspirations to be a plant-touching business, we will bring colloquial culture references of Latin America and the Caribbean to highlight our resilience and liveliness through cultivars and manufactured products. We are locally-owned in Rhode Island and we are something that was built out of nothing. We never forget our roots as Latinx entrepreneurs and we are always representing those who are least likely to succeed. Nos vamos pa'lante!

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Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and you.

Talk terpy to me, baby! A recent study done by the University of New Mexico and published The Journal of Cannabis research stated "findings provide ‘proof-of-concept’ that a simple, yet comprehensive chemovar indexing system can be used to identify systematic differences in clinically relevant patient health outcomes and other common experiences across Cannabis flower products, irrespective of the product’s commercial or strain name.”

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